Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Prep for Wednesday Night LSM - 12/10

12:03 PM
Hello Everyone,

Tonight is our Tacky Sweater Night. Please come dressed up, it will be fun! We will have cool ways to go through the story of Jesus' birth. From a story reading, to a movie and then a sermon. All fun and interesting ways to portray the significance of that special night in history with the students. We will have cookies and hot chocolate, games and fun. And most importantly Jesus. Once in small groups kids will just have time to hang out with their friends and Small group leaders. This is the last week of formal LSM. If you haven't taken time to go through the story of Jesus birth with your kids I highly encourage you too. Luke is a good place to start or print off the story from online somewhere that might be age targeted for you kids.

Please note that next Wednesday is Downpour. This is a worship service for everyone! Please come and invite friends and family. We are trying to fill the whole sanctuary! 6:45pm-8pm Service starts at 7.

Cant wait to see your kids soon!

For God and the Gospel,
Josh Price

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