Friday, December 12, 2014

Events coming up for LSM

10:17 AM
Hello Everyone,

We had so much fun Wednesday night. And we loved it! Tons of fun and a great ending to the year. We will officially meet again Jan 7th. But a lot is going to be happening in between.

Dec. 17th 6:45 - 8 we will have Downpour! Please make time in your schedule to come you won't want to miss it! Tons of fun worshipping and praying. It will be a little different from regular service but nothing major! Hope to see you then.

Dec. 22nd. we will have movie day. Kids will come up at 1pm and just watch a couple christmas movies. students are encouraged to bring pillows and comfortable items to lay around with. Bring food and other stuff to make it even better !

Dec. 30th we will be doing our best to have a flag football tournament. Everyone is invited. Please come have fun!

Email me with any questions at

For God and the Gospel,
Josh Price

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