Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Topic and announcements for LSM Nov. 18th

11:29 AM
Hello Parents,

        Well its almost time for Thanksgiving! I'm super excited because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love being able to eat as much as possible with family and watch football until you pass out. #AmericanProblems. Haha just kidding but I do really love it. With that being said this is the last week I have with the students before Thanksgiving! I can't believe how fast time has flown by. It's crazy to me.

              - No LSM Nov. 26th because thats the day before Thanksgiving.
              - No LSM Dec. 3rd we will be volunteering at Christmas on the Square in Celina.
              - No LSM Dec. 24th thats Christmas Eve
              - No LSM Dec. 31st thats New Years Eve

         We are Selling LSM Long sleeve shirts for $20 starting this coming Sunday, the 23rd. This is going to be one of our many fundraisers to help support the kids to go on summer camp 2015. Please purchase one to help as well has have an awesome shirt! the graphic for the front of the shirt is seen below. You can purchase one on Sundays after big service or email me at Josh@lifewayfamily.org.

           This wednesday we will be going over Luke 6:46-49. I really think this is an important lesson to learn, building your faith with a good foundation. Many times people accept Jesus as their Lord and savior and never put anything more into it than that. Then wonder where He is when they need him. Who says that how your relationship with Christ should be? The Bible doesn't say that, it tells us to pursue God, learn his ways, truly understand him more. Because a storm is going to come and its up to you how you build your faith. Will you build it wisely with a firm foundation and when the storm passes you will still be there along side Christ, or will you call Jesus Lord, but never put any time into it. Then when the storm comes you wonder where He is and walk away from faith? Because Jesus warns us this will happen. Where are you at?

         Please talk to your students about this topic as it is a vital lesson to be learned in this fast paced, self-centered world we are living in. Thank you for the opportunity to be a Youth Pastor to your students, I thank God every day.

For God and the Gospel,
Josh Price

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