Friday, November 21, 2014

Follow up from LSM Nov. 21st

6:29 AM
Hello Parents,

Luke 6:46-49        

          This past Wednesday went really well. A lot of the kids learned a lot from the lesson and I believe will try to apply it to their lives. Small groups went really well! Kids kept the conversations up and asked many question trying to learn the material better. We ask that you talk to your kids about building a foundation of Christ in their lives, and what it looks like to do that.

           We unfortunately do not have LSM for the next two weeks. Below on an earlier post is a schedule for the next month. I will put the rest up soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

            If you are interested in helping on Wednesday nights with the kids, please email me at

           Also, don't forget we are now selling Long sleeve shirts supporting LSM and the camps for summer 2015!

For God and the Gospel,
Josh Price

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