Friday, October 31, 2014

9:29 AM
Hello Parents,

       Wednesday night's Fall Festival was a hit, we had a ton of fun and a ton of kids. We really hope the kids enjoyed it and made new friends. We started the night off with free time such as music, football, skateboarding, and everything else the kids do when given space with a ton of friends. Then we proceeded with tortilla dodgeball, Middle schoolers vs High schoolers. Then guys vs girls, this quickly turned into a food fight. Most tortillas broke when crumpled up and you just had fist full of tortilla pieces thrown at you, but all in all the kids seemed to really enjoy it. After the food fight we started the costume contest where the kids decided who was first, second and third place. The first place boy won a $25 Visa Gift card with a blow up bull / cowboy outfit. Second place, and a free ticket to any movie at studio movie grill went to a boy dressed as Marty McFly from Back to the Future. Third place, and a box of cosmic brownies went to a young girl dressed as a scary clown. We had a food bar in the back with chicken nuggets, fries and chips a ton of different drinks.

       Hannah Walker ran the bobbing for apples station and honestly that was a huge hit. Almost every kid tried, most did it repeatedly. We had a ton of fun with that activity and passed out candy. The last event of the night was a dance party. The remaining kids loved it and danced the night away until their parents came. Fall Festival was a hit and we hope everyones kids enjoyed it.

       Please make sure your kids are here next wednesday night! I will be preaching a solo sermon on Matthew 5:14-16, if you don't know what that is I encourage you to look it up and pray about it. Its a powerful verse that everyone can learn from. I look forward to seeing the students Wednesday night!

-- We do have a fundraiser picked out for the month of Nov. we will announce it on a Sun morning soon when we are closer to the finished project --

God Bless,
Josh Price


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LSM Costume Party!

1:46 PM
Hello Parents,

We just finished up the sermon series Catching Fire. We will be celebrating this week by hosting a church-appropriate costume party. LSM welcomes 5th graders THIS WEDNESDAY ONLY to join us in the costume party, as a way to show them what they can look forward to in their 6th grade year.

This Wednesday will be a blast: costumes, music, and Corn Tortilla Dodgeball. We will be passing out candy and having apple-bobbing stations, as well as giving out prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place "Most Creative" costumes.

Please feel free to pick up your students around 8:15PM, and don't be shy: you're welcome to come inside to get them and enjoy the festivities if you'd like.