Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Timeline! Check it out!

9:36 AM
Hello Parents,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! It's already December, and we are already looking toward Christmas. Its going to come quick. I really enjoyed the sermon this past Sunday, reminding us to slow down this December and remember what it's all about.

This Wednesday, or tomorrow, will be Christmas on the Square. Please feel free to come hang out with the students and many parent volunteers. We will be Passing out hot chocolate, and making ornaments with people. Its going to be fun and a great time to build relationships with church members and community members. We would love for you to be there. It will be from 6-8pm Wednesday Dec. 3rd. Come say hi!

Dec. 10th will be normal LSM times 6:30-8pm, this will be a tacky sweater party. We encourage kids to dress up and have some fun with it. We will show a video over the story of christmas and I will talk for a little, along with Small parties in each Small group room.

Dec 17th will be Downpour, this is an event for EVERYONE! Please make sure to be here. It will be from 7-8, but please arrive at 6:45, we will have coffee and hot chocolate in the foyer before people can enter the sanctuary. Downpour is a worship service, we will play worship for one hour, but it will be different from a normal church service. Take some time out of your busy schedule to come and worship your Lord and Savior, it will be worth it I promise. It's really powerful, and what better than worshiping with the next generation of kids. Being role models to them. For more info on the event please email me at Josh@lifewayfamily.org.

No LSM Dec 24th, since its Christmas Eve.

No LSM Dec 31st, since its New Years Eve.

For God and the Gospel,
Josh Price

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