Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sermon for Wednesday Nov. 12th

1:43 PM
Hey Parents,

             Wow, this week has been crazy! Doesn't time fly! Im sorry I know its off topic, but big things are happening in the church and we are super excited here at Lifeway. So much is going on behind the scenes as well. Looking forward to big things to come!

             Anyways, seeing that we do not have LSM Nov. 26th that gives me two more wednesdays this month! In turn, I do not want to start a sermon series with out being able to unpack it fully, so i've prayed about what God would want to use me to say these two coming weeks, and I think I finally have gained some clarity on it. A few kids have voiced their opinions about certain things that I feel we need to address and not wait around on. Some of the kids have said "well, if my friends are going through a hard time why would I share the gospel or Jesus with them?" or "Why are bad things happening to me still / them if we believe in Jesus?" Among other comments relating to that subject, and again I do not want those things to go unanswered or challenged. Theres nothing worse then letting doubt creep in to students minds and as a church shying away from it. 

              I will talk about a few things. One being that Jesus himself, didn't have it easy and HE WAS GOD. He didn't just teleport back to Heaven and say "good luck everyone! see you soon!" He came down endured life got harassed, hurt, tortured and DIED for us. I would say He didn't have it so easy in life. The disciples didn't have much of an easy time as well. Out of 12 of them 11 died a martyr's death! They were killed FOR Jesus, I would say bad things happened to them. They were beaten, stoned, ridiculed and yet they knew their God. The hope that waited for them, the love and compassion. The forgiveness given to them. We are not promised Disney Land when we accept Jesus. We are promised salvation, forgiveness, hope, love. I think a man by the name of Nick Vujicic says it pretty well in one of his talks.

http://youtu.be/Y8eP74O0FDg <-- Check it out here.

               I will keep this sermon pretty short and play the video. I want to really try to talk about this with the students and make sure I hear their questions and try to walk them through their thoughts. Parents please talk to your kids about these tough topics, as you have WAY more influence over your kids than anyone here will on Wednesday nights.

               Please come talk to me if you ever need any help or questions answered.

God Bless,
Josh Price

Also Please check out this video, such a great short clip on Family Values.

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